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What to know about real estate septic system inspections

Congratulations! You’re looking into buying a new house. Whether you’re taking a step in a relationship that requires a new place, expanding your family and thus needing more room, upgrading or downsizing in anticipation of a new chapter in your life, there are any number of good reasons why it would be time [...]

May 25, 2023|Main|

A couple traditional applications for a persistent clog

Perhaps one of the best modern-day real-world applications of the pithy saying “judge not lest ye be judged” might be when something gets flushed you didn’t plan to be flushed. Maybe your toddler, in an exploratory phase, was intrigued by the lever, the rushing water, the “poof! gone.” Perhaps something fell off the [...]

April 12, 2023|Main|

Is bigger better when it comes to septic tanks?

There is a natural inclination to think big – both literally and metaphorically – when your house and property are involved. This is especially true when you’re either building a new home or acquiring a house new to you. Deciding what to do about a septic system is no different, and in some [...]

February 3, 2023|Main|

How fluctuating temperatures can affect your septic system

They say one can experience every season of the year in a span of a week in the Ohio Valley. The sticking point of this for owners of septic systems is that changes in temperature and weather may also have an impact on your system. First of all, how cold it is outside [...]

December 13, 2022|Main|

Fall season septic system tips

For your septic tank to be at its best year-round, specific steps should be taken at certain points on the calendar. Fall is one of those times. Many outdoor tasks are easier to complete before winter arrives, and maintenance of your septic system is no different. Here are some tips for keeping your [...]

December 3, 2022|Main|

Addressing some longstanding myths about septic tanks

Like anything else, rumors and misinformation abound about septic tanks. Let us set the record straight, in the interest of saving you, the populace, trouble with your system. Here are the counters to a few common septic-related misconceptions: You have to be careful about what goes down the drain. We’ve hit on this [...]

October 25, 2022|Main|

It’s laundry day again! How it can impact your septic tank

We more or less take for granted that laundry is something we do simply because we have to do it. The alternatives, of course, are unpleasant or generally socially unacceptable: wearing dirty clothes, wearing no clothes or buying new clothes every time you bathe. And while this is all true, if you have [...]

October 5, 2022|Main|

Can you build a patio over a septic tank?

No matter if you are building a house, thinking about building one, or renovating and adding on to an existing structure, it's easy to let your mind wander to a place to enjoy cool, lazy mornings, fireside evenings and the opportunity to catch a few sun rays, without leaving your premises. We are, [...]

August 16, 2022|Main|
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