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What to know before installing a septic tank 

Congratulations! You’ve decided it’s time to join the more than 60 million people in the United States, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, whose homes are served by septic systems. As with many if not most major changes to your property, septic systems are not one-size-fits-all. Proper consideration of how to go [...]

May 24, 2024|Main|

Some tips to keeping roots out of your septic system

The symbolism of roots – putting them down; using them to hold on – holds great meaning in metaphors and similes. The reason for that is rooted in the literal – they are a great deterrent to erosion that could cause landslides or worse. They are virtually immovable, come what may. However, there [...]

April 24, 2024|Main|

Will your septic system work with the power out? 

Everyone knows the electricity will go out from time to time, be it because of ice or wind knocking down trees and taking out power lines, an automobile accident taking out a pole, or, God forbid, running out of money before you run out of month. One of many problems you may encounter [...]

March 19, 2024|Main|

Yes, your septic system can freeze

The Tri-State has already been through one round of polar vortex-induced plunging temperatures and a snow dump to boot. And it’s only February. The list of infrastructure and structures to be worried about in such situations can be long: roads, bridges, roofs, windows, sheds, garages, barns, decks, gazebos, homes. Believe it or not, [...]

February 15, 2024|Main|

Sump pumps: where and why you may need one

Many of the pieces to our septic systems are well-known, from drain to tank. One of the potentially most valuable components that is a little less talked about is the sump pump. Sump pumps collect and remove liquid from low spaces. Many houses in places with high risk of flooding contain sump pumps in the basement, as a [...]

January 26, 2024|Main|

Flushable wipes? Doesn’t mean you should flush them

Knowing that flushing anything aside from a very short list isn’t recommended, and that wipes aren’t on that list, people who want to sell you things on the basis of convenience have instituted the “flushable wipe.” It should be noted here that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Leaving [...]

January 2, 2024|Main|

How to better enjoy your portable bathroom experience

Planning a large-scale outdoor event in an venue without built-out plumbing infrastructure? Acquiring the use of portable toilets – port-a-potties, port-a-johns, what-have-you – is perhaps the best, most viable solution for such activities – especially if it’s a long-running or recurring happening. It isn’t necessarily enough just to provide a place of business [...]

November 20, 2023|Main|

Why not to go the DIY route when repairing your septic tank

It’s hardwired into us as instinct, as part of our American identity, even: the desire to handle things ourselves. There’s even a shorthand for it: DIY. Doing it yourself works for many things: house projects, fixing your lunch, cutting your own hair, even, if you’re brave enough. Save money, avoid potential inconveniences, while [...]

October 12, 2023|Main|

Pros of buying a home with a septic system

Somewhere between 20 and 25% of all American homes rely on septic systems to dispose of their waste, it’s estimated – with that number higher in largely rural areas, such as our Tri-State. Looking at buying a house that doesn’t have city sewer service? You’ll be pleased to know there are several positives [...]

September 12, 2023|Main|

Approach abandoned septic systems with care

One thing to keep in mind when approaching the idea of purchasing an older property including a home, especially one that hasn’t been in continuous use, is what the septic system situation is. Maintenance of the septic system hasn’t always been top of mind, and in the past, leaving old septic tanks where [...]

August 16, 2023|Main|
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