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It’s laundry day again! How it can impact your septic tank

We more or less take for granted that laundry is something we do simply because we have to do it. The alternatives, of course, are unpleasant or generally socially unacceptable: wearing dirty clothes, wearing no clothes or buying new clothes every time you bathe. And while this is all true, if you have [...]

October 5, 2022|Main|

Can you build a patio over a septic tank?

No matter if you are building a house, thinking about building one, or renovating and adding on to an existing structure, it's easy to let your mind wander to a place to enjoy cool, lazy mornings, fireside evenings and the opportunity to catch a few sun rays, without leaving your premises. We are, [...]

August 16, 2022|Main|

Don’t let septic issues spoil your summer fun

This is — especially as the heat of the day recedes — a vibrant time of year to entertain at your home, either inside or out. And there is no damper to such an occasion quite like septic system problems. Bearing in mind, as we've mentioned on this blog before, that an ounce [...]

July 13, 2022|Main|

Can I use chemical drain cleaner if I have a septic tank?

Encountering unexpected clogs in your septic system, particularly those that might cause a backup in your sinks or toilets, are liable to spur immediate searching for chemical assistance. Is what you might most quickly find in supermarket or big-box aisles the right remedy? It's instructive here to remember how your septic system operates [...]

June 14, 2022|Main|

How often should you pump your septic tank?

Perhaps the most-often-recurring theme on this blog has been the importance of preventative maintenance of your septic system. The best way, after all, to fix your system is to not have to fix it, at least not any more than necessary. A big part of that philosophy is having a plan for how [...]

May 23, 2022|Main|

What those April showers mean for your septic system

The natural rhythms of Mother Nature during the spring make it an opportune time to maintain your septic system and otherwise keep an eye on it. The extra precipitation — the April showers that cause May flowers — may also affect the water table level, which can make an impact on a septic [...]

May 4, 2022|Main|

Will the rainy season affect my septic system?

The poet Alfred Tennyson famously wrote that a young man's fancy turns to love in spring. If that young man owns a septic system, some thought might need to be diverted to making sure it can handle the rains spring brings to the Tri-State area. Typically, heavy rains most dramatically affect the drainfield [...]

March 21, 2022|Main|

When and how you should use a plunger

Toilet clogs happen. The good news is they are often avoidable. We have covered the topic of what to and not to flush, but even if you follow those guidelines religiously, it happens to the best of us. Enter the plunger. No one thinks much about this simple household tool until they need [...]

March 8, 2022|Main|

Spot key trouble signs and avoid a septic emergency

It’s hard to think of a more unpleasant mental image than a "septic emergency." But knowing what to actually do in such a situation can help play a key role in the difference between needing your septic system repaired or needing a new one. A major hindrance to detection of a septic emergency [...]

January 18, 2022|Main|

What is a grease trap and who needs one?

In recent articles we've spent time reviewing what shouldn't go down your drain — the list is rather extensive — and why. When you enter the intersection of the business world and the land of sewers and septic tank systems, though, that can get a little sticky. And for those of you in the [...]

December 13, 2021|Main|
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