It’s hardwired into us as instinct, as part of our American identity, even: the desire to handle things ourselves. There’s even a shorthand for it: DIY.

Doing it yourself works for many things: house projects, fixing your lunch, cutting your own hair, even, if you’re brave enough. Save money, avoid potential inconveniences, while demonstrating your own independence? What’s not to love?

Well, a few situations do exist where leaving it to the professionals is for the best. Come to think of it, for most people anyway, haircuts are probably on that list. Another one is septic tank repair.

Here are are some thoughts on why commissioning people who do that for a living, such as those of us at Little’s Septic, to handle that for you is your best play:

Protecting your health

Cleaning and working on septic systems is difficult work that can be dangerous to those untrained and/or without the proper equipment.

Need to clean a blockage out of a pipe? That’s a good way to cut yourself if you haven’t done it enough times to have the process down cold – and “open wound” and “septic system” in the same sentence is no one’s idea of a good time.

Using chemicals to try to clear it out? Inhaling those compounds can cause serious trouble.

Trying to reach the septic tank without the right tools? That’s asking for problems, leading up to potential injury.

Protecting your pocketbook

One dirty little secret (figuratively and literally) of septic tank repair by the untrained is that it usually doesn’t work.

That means efforts to do that will cost money and time that could be spent simply having people who know who to do this … well, do it.

Little’s Septic has top-of-the-line equipment and training to handle septic system problems for you. Give us a call today!