Planning a large-scale outdoor event in an venue without built-out plumbing infrastructure?

Acquiring the use of portable toilets – port-a-potties, port-a-johns, what-have-you – is perhaps the best, most viable solution for such activities – especially if it’s a long-running or recurring happening.

It isn’t necessarily enough just to provide a place of business for people’s, well, business, though. What else should you consider when bringing portable bathrooms into the mix?

Here are a few thoughts:

  • Toilet paper is a must-have. Seems obvious, right? But who among us hasn’t woken up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night having dreamt about finishing up and then being unable to clean up? Do yourself a favor and keep your friends, family members, cohorts and acquaintances from having to live through that – not to mention, potentially yourself.
  • The same can be said for hand sanitizer. While studies have shown hand sanitizer alone is not as effective as thorough hand-washing, it’ll do in a pinch, and providing it to people who have just used the facilities is the most practical way to keep germs from making like party favors and going home with everyone.
  • Consider a discreet light source. Especially if your event is after dark – as much as the normal functions of the port-a-potty may be natural, that doesn’t mean a clear line of sight isn’t important. If these are not available or plausible, merry-makers should be made aware to have a backup plan.
  • Policing this one figures to be tough, nay, impossible – but, do your best to keep facility users from dumping things in the toilet they wouldn’t ordinarily dump in their own toilet. Which is to say, the list of things that should go in the toilet is very short.

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