Perhaps one of the best modern-day real-world applications of the pithy saying “judge not lest ye be judged” might be when something gets flushed you didn’t plan to be flushed.

Maybe your toddler, in an exploratory phase, was intrigued by the lever, the rushing water, the “poof! gone.” Perhaps something fell off the top of the tank and, ah, slipped past the goalkeeper. Maybe you intentionally flushed something you shouldn’t have, and that became apparent with a persistent clog.

If it hasn’t happened to you, well, it could easily. If it has, here are some options Little’s Septic can employ to solve your problem:


The answer here is twofold: A sewer cable, or an auger, is a coiled cable attached to a motor that feeds it down into your septic system – think the “snake” you can buy in a department or home improvement store on steroids. If your issue is a clog, the cable can either grab hold of the clog and jar it loose, or force it farther down the system and out of the pipe. If the problem is something down the pipe that you want back, the cable is also a good option to facilitate that.

High-pressure jet

If the main and only goal is to clear a pesky clog to alleviate problems on the top end of your system – slow drainage, water fixtures in low-level places in your home or business filling unexpectedly with water – jetting is a viable option.

A hose connected to a service vehicle is run to your drain, through which highly pressured water is propelled. That water can clear dirt, grease buildup or most any other clog, thus opening the offending pipe.

The most important limitation to this course of action is that, like the old days of the rotary phone, it only works within range of the tethered hose.

Little’s Septic is well-versed in clearing clogs, both using power to move problem spots and using a soft touch to retrieve materials you didn’t intend to send down the pipe. Call us today to work through any such issue!